Skin (2)

Skin (2)

Artist: Sayera Anwar

Medium: Photograph

Scale: W16.53 x H11.69 inches

Scale with frame: W25 x H19 inches

Year: 2020


Inspired by the act of inheriting traits and stories, Sayera’s work takes a critical view of the relationship between the body and the fabric. It engages in the intricate delicacies of how the fabric is used to protect and shelter, yet at the same time hide one's identity. In the work, the fabric cloth is collected from different women and glued to the skin, thus representing another layer of skin. Associated with recurring concerns of hidden identity, along with giving birth to a new one, the process became suffocating but liberating at the same time. Through photographs, the subject matter can be seen in varying postures, narratives, and battles.


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