Artist: Aamina Hashmi

Medium: Digital Painting

Scale: W10.99 x H16.53 inches

Year: 2020



Ever since I took an interest in plants, nature, and the life under it, I’ve been deeply inspired and since then it has changed the way I draw. My work pays tribute to not only plants, but insects, and animals as well. I feel an overwhelming responsibility to highlight things that may be off-putting to some in a way that honors them. Since I like to experiment in multiple mediums, I feel compelled to add something to every artwork I create. I don’t like my work to be descriptive, and trust viewers to take what they can from it. I want to keep experimenting with multiple mediums, and don’t want to restrict myself to something. Each medium allows me to express various parts of plant life in different ways, and it only enhances my creativity.


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    New York, United States |

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