My Being is My Inheritance

My Being is My Inheritance

Artist: Amna Suheyl Umar 

Medium: Etching and aquatint on zinc

Scale: W24 x H25 inches

Scale with frame: W27 x H28 inches

Year: 2020



Amna has grown up listening to the stories of a lost homeland; a perk or otherwise of belonging to a diaspora. Her mother migrated from East Pakistan during the riots of 1971, from Dhaka and the lingering  trauma has developed her worldview on identity, and the sense of belonging, or lack thereof. Suheyl takes inspiration from her stories and the stories of her family to pay homage to the role of women, in  war and chaos – of love, regeneration, empathy and healing as resuscitators of the  consequences of men’s actions, the silent spectators to man’s discord. These heroines, as she calls them, are ordinary women that retain the balance of humanity by remedying what’s lost.


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