Figurative Art in 2021

“No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love.” Edvard Munch Us Humans have greatly evolved over the past few centuries. The pace of evolution perhaps increased since machines came into being. They soon took control of human life and time began to run faster. Distances grew. While human beings felt progressive, more so than ever before, their humanity started to come in question. Two world wars, numerous economic crises and cases of ethnic cleansing screamed at the front pages of newspapers everyday. Have human beings really lost touch with humanity? Figurative Art suggests otherwise, with a history going back to more than 40000 years; capturing the human form from ancient Greece through the Renaissance into Romanticism and modernism.

In today's world, the growth in the fields of digital art, cartoons, and portraits has given figurative art a better and a larger platform to work in while resurging itself. Even amidst these social issues and massive cultural changes, both the artist and the spectator remain interested in the art of the figure.

Figurative Art Category at Zaaman Art

While Artists often took this situation to mock the human condition, there are also those who represent a more human depiction. We at Zaaman Art have carefully curated our Figurative Art category which includes works of young artists that are presenting unique and conceptual takes on this narrative in a global village.

The figurative works in our Collections, while engaging with centuries of global art history, will inspire you, move you, and leave you at least 50% more emotionally aware than you were to begin this morning.

Why Figurative Art?

Imagine a cozy fire by your drawing room. A sleepy white cat purring on a warm rug. Tones of autumn leaves decorate each corner of the room. Candle stands and mirrors embellish the night hour. Everything fits perfectly with a space for an exotic painting. This space would best be filled by a conceptual figurative painting. Our Figurative Art pieces offers a kaleidoscope of visual languages, ranging from the very peculiar Tehzeeb Hasan’s ‘My Anonymous Love’ with its contrasting color palette to the meticulously detailed Esha Suhail’s ‘Archives of a Tired Soul’ and other oddly fitting conversation starters that go perfectly well in any environment, providing a very intimate experience.

Esha Suhail's Archives Of A Tired Soul I
Archives Of A Tired Soul I

Figurative paintings are a brilliant form of artistic achievement. These pieces depict inspiring landscapes and also successfully capture moments from still and earthly life wherein a human remains unequaled. Such dynamism of the human body is seldom found in any other art form. When one thinks over the birth of figurative art as a panache and not by its name, it seems to be the most basic form of artistic expression. It is perhaps the most realistic way for humans to honor their beliefs, cultures, and understanding, allowing them to be in control of what they want to show. It allows them to reveal their feelings and emotions the way they want, giving them a sense of power.

Tehzeeb Hassan's My Anonymous Love
My Anonymous Love

Virtual Gallery Experience

Art enthusiasts who collect and discover art, aspire to connect with it while buying to get a feeling of being in connection with their ideas and state of mind. These collector pieces at home give the buyer a feeling of comfort and a sense of order acting as a shield contrary to the lurking chaos and unpredictability of the world outside. Giving an illustration to the thoughts of the buyer, figurative art provides a decluttered image at the front either of themselves as a portrait or how they feel on a canvas. Each to their own represents either a realistic or conceptual perspective blurred around the edges. Figurative Art remains a very essential and assertive mode of expression especially in connection with the human speculation and their thought process.

Zaaman provides a one-stop Gallery experience ranging from the eccentric local aesthetic to more exotic and conceptual pieces. Visit Zaaman Art Gallery and experience Figurative Art like never before!

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