Buying Art on a Budget

Updated: Jan 31

Art is not meant for everyone is probably the most outdated statement anyone can make today. In the world of New Media, anything you can imagine is merely a click away. Art has spread out more in these times than ever before, on account of the ease of availability with the internet. Even if one does not have a painting in their room, they have access to experience it online. AR/VR technologies have made this possible. Although Fine Art remains comparatively elitist, there are many options for Buying Art on a Budget. We at Zaaman Art have explored the very many options for you. Take a look below!

How to Buy Art on a Budget?

Let’s face it, we all like to boast about something in our house. A new console, the kitchen-garden, the family heritage sword hanging down a chipped wall, or the mosaic piece on the floor; it brings pleasure to own something unique. While a lot of us want to acquire art, we shy away from the huge bill. How romantic would it be if a couple could invest in a piece together. To keep it for years to come and connect with it, making it a symbol of their love? (Yes, we dropped an idea here!) What if we tell you that it is in fact, possible? Buying Art on a Budget is really possible and here is how!

1. Buy Art From an Emerging Artist

Isn’t it cool when you discover a new song, introduce it to your friends, and they love it! That is exactly what discovering a new artist is like. You’re the first one to appreciate their undiscovered talent. You receive the utmost satisfaction upon supporting a struggling artist and you go easy on your own pocket! It's a win-win. There are chances that the artist will make a good name in the future and you can proudly take credit for contributing to it. The baseline is, it does not matter how expensive the piece is or who made it, your understanding of that art piece and making a connection to it matters more.

Art on a Budget - Leva and Darius _ 'No. 141' _ Screen print
Leva and Darius _ 'No. 141' _ Screen print

2. Support A Fresh Graduate

Art is probably the only skill-centered field that does not take into account rigorous prior experience. Fresh art graduates have all the skills, talent, knowledge, and energy to create outstanding art. Their lack of experience does not mean they are any less of an artist. Fresh minds rather produce fresh ideas and add a new perspective. If you are looking for art that will remain relevant in the future, trust the newbies! The best way to target this section of artists is to visit Degree shows/Thesis displays. You will have a variety of options in both subject and form. So look out for the next College Art display. And, it’s also an excellent date idea. You can get to know your partner through their choice of art!

3. Buy Art From Marginalised Artists

Just like any corporate sector, Art too has many political factors involved in its making, display and curation. Up until recently, female artists struggled to get their work displayed in museums. The marginalised artists, apart from women, include the LGBTQ Community, disabled artists and minority artists. Buying art from marginalised artists is cheaper than the mainstream market/gallery. You also have chances of discovering new talent and supporting them. As Art curator Ali Hilman says, ‘What’s so appealing about early-career artists is their relative creative freedom,’. ‘By engaging in a young artist’s career, you are also having an effect on the sector, by giving support to a creative voice.’

Art on a Budget - Leva and Darius _ 'No. 141' _ Screen print

Ayesha Maheen_'Purple Blossom'_Mix media