Art and Technology - Bringing New Experiences

Our love for technology has skyrocketed over the past few years. This has surely given artists some new tools to play with. A relationship between Art and Technology has evolved since the beginning of the 21st century. The love affair is real regardless of the trials given by the traditionalists.

To understand this ahead we look at how visual art is being stimulated by advanced technology in the modern age, while the truth of our lives is increasingly interwoven with automation, it has surely created fascinating disciplines for the artists.

Advancements In Art And Technology

From simply easing the refinement of contemporary art, technology sets out as an influence that structures contemporary work. One of the major developments has been regarding how art enthusiasts are enjoying a vast range of genres. These new-found genres are coming forward with classic tech-driven modern techniques such as multimedia art, optical illusions, virtual art, etc. These genres are fusing the basics of technology, using modern techniques to create pieces of artwork that genuinely depict the reflection of this time and its discoveries.

When selecting a painting or giving details regarding how a buyer wants a certain design, artists are often asked for things such as “We want it powerful yet intimate”, or “It should be light but also dark.” Where artists used to mock these challenges, they now look forward to bringing individuals thoughts to visual art. The merger of art and technology brings the opportunity of combining, remixing, and changing.

Zaaman's Virtual Gallery Experience
Art And Technolohy - Zaaman's Virtual Gallery

Since zoombombing made it into the Oxford Dictionary as the word of the year, it’s safe to suggest 2020 as humans’ first virtual year. In a year affected by COVID-19, the art market has embraced the new normal.

Digital events were held by creating a hybrid of the virtual and live to stream the sales. A rise in the growth of the online art market is the better consequence of COVID-19 restrictions.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Now imagine Van Gogh's ‘The Starry Night on your front wall swirling in all its glory while you sip a cup of tea, you like it, you buy it. How did it get to your wall? Augmented reality (AR) brought it to you.

AR brings objects in front of you in a real life environment through a gadget helping transform the work into a live experience while providing artists to work with the surroundings. Augmented reality helps the peculiar and experimental individuals to have their collections be seen alive before they are placed.

Zaaman's AR Experience
Zaaman's AR Experience

Virtual reality on the other hand is used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment. A person can explore and interact with the environment, you become part of the world you’re looking at. One can manipulate objects and perform a series of actions. This is futuristic and popular all over the world and we are loving it!

Zaaman Art: Providing the AR/VR Experience

Looking for an investment to excite your sitting space with a new stroke of magic? Zaaman Art, through its approach of merging Art and Technology, brings such a platform to the art world where the buyer can use the AR/VR feature to visit, see, and speculate on a selected piece before purchasing it from a wide range of artists and their works.

Exhibitions are launched with curated pieces that are truly inspired and created to express something beautiful. The facility of stepping into the gallery virtually from the comfort of your home gives confidence to the collector to purchase the very art that is eye-catching, Literally!

So we hope we have expanded creative possibilities for you, serving your appetite regarding the possibilities of AR/VR in the art world. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Visit our virtual gallery from the comfort of your home and experience the world of art right before your eyes.

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