Soutn-Asian Womxn Artists

March 22 - April 15 2021

Statement by Curator

Seyhr Qayum

Bold, strong, considered. Dynamic, vivacious, a bit wild. Engaging, inclusive, impactful. Cutting-edge, of tomorrow, for tomorrow. 


#notyouraverage brings together the powerful, stylistically and conceptually diverse art practices of 10 contemporary women artists of South Asian origin.


This is not a thematic show, nor one that is held together by unwavering devotion to a particular form. Rather, we have sought out work that shares a certain - entirely intangible - sensibility - a sensibility that speaks to a centuries long legacy of embodied strength, of an imagination that cannot be reigned in, in the power of decisiveness that can’t be shaken. 

While centering that sensibility, this show comprises work that doesn't remove the hand of the artist, rather it centers physicality, be it through the overt depiction of the human form, or the celebration of meticulous mark-making. Recent dumpster-fire times have made us even more aware of our own physicality, and the relevance of engaging the human body is more timely than ever before. 


For South Asian artists, we know all too well that there are art-tropes that our art is expected to adhere to. It just so happens however, that for us a collective - for #notyouraverage - our tolerance threshold for misplaced nostalgia, for trope pandering, is non-existent.


This is not to say that the work in this show is pretending to be divorced from Art History because that a) wouldn't be possible, and b) would be ridiculous. What this does mean however is that we believe deeply, fully, all-consumingly, in the power of tomorrow. In the possibility of what art can be. In the beauty of what South Asian trailblazer women artists can create.

Participating Artists