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Established in 2020, Zaaman Art has aimed towards highlighting distinct body of works by emerging multi-disciplinary artists, hence offering curated and thoughtful exhibitions. Zaaman’s online viewing rooms play the role of being a catalyst in establishing crucial dialogues among institutions and societies, without the restraint of borders.
The experience opens a doorway for the young collectors that are not in the bracket of conventional gallery system and simultaneously provides a new and stimulating way to engage with the content and the visuals.

12:00 a.m.




October 17 - November 20 2020



October 17 - November 20 2020

As a new gallery that challenges our existing notions of how, where and when we experience art, Zaaman Art’s inaugural show speaks not only to our new beginning as a gallery, but also to our now insatiable need for change. As our collective consciousness continues to evolve, we have brought together 12 contemporary artists from Pakistan, creating two-dimensional work with surrealist undertones, addressing the new, the in-between and no longer what is, but what could be.



We understand that art is like happiness, it comes in all shapes and sizes. It also should not burn your bank account dry. Some like to invest and for the others it adds aesthetic value and charm. Our team is dedicated to cater to all art needs and budgets. So, you leave with a heart full of joy as you acquire a timeless curated art piece.


The gallery aims to create thought-provoking narratives that shall evolve over time into a rich collection of art and culture to be shared with the global community.



Catalogue cover 12a.m..png

12 a.m. is Zaaman’s very first exhibition featuring 12 talented artists, transmitting the mystery of uncanny surrealism, merging into the enigmatic aspects of their subconscious. This exhibition aims to invoke feelings of harmony and mutual transformation, in response to both internal and external stimuli, despite the presence of

Ahsan Javaid | Ammama Malik | Araimish Malik | Fizza Siddiqui | Haya Zaidi | Jibran Shahid | Lariab Ahmad | Muzna Mahmood | Rabia Akhtar | Saad Ahmad | Shireen Rasul | Usman Khalid

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