Zaaman Art Collection'2021

We at Zaaman Art are thrilled that 2020 - an epic fail of a year - is finally nearing its end. In fact, we’re so excited, that we decided to launch our Collections in celebration! 


In a world trending towards the crazy, Zaaman Art Collection aims to empower artists and inspire art lovers by presenting them with an array of engaging works that adds to a joyful lifestyle. The artworks you will witness are more than just images, these are stories that will stop you in your tracks. Curated with hints of sugar, a whole lot of spice and extra care, we bring a diverse collection of art; regardless of what sort of art floats your boat, there’s something here for everyone


Love figurative art that is evocative and engaging, that speaks to the human condition? Done. Love abstraction and being pulled into an ocean of dynamic color? Done. Want to see some flowers because they’re pretty, and why not? Done. 


Is it prints that will add character and atmosphere to your immediate surroundings? We’ve got loads. How about calligraphy that reminds you of history and the power of the written word? We’ve got that too. 


But most importantly, do you love yourself some cutting-edge, crazy, hyper-dynamic, super-vivacious, deeply-energetic contemporary art? If so: Look. No. Further.

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We all love people (occasionally). And we love them even more in art, because there are few things that make us as acutely aware of our own physicality, our own realness, as a figurative painting. Painting the human form is no small task - it takes unparalleled skill and talent. The figurative works in our Collections, while engaging with centuries of global art history, will inspire you, move you, and leave you more emotionally aware.



We say portraits are the window to souls that are timeless. An impression of a conversation between the artists and their muses that happened in another time and we get to witness it in the present. Sometimes all a wall needs is a personal touch.



Featuring engaging and original artworks depicting vast skies, lands, deserts and oceans as old as the planet. In our societies where urbanization and construction is a daily phenomenon, these visuals are exactly what you need. Your secret escape.



The one form of expression that has recorded every civilization and is integrated in world traditions is language. From sacred scripts to pop culture, calligraphy has enjoyed its place in homes, studios and landmarks as the central piece that completes the space.


Still life

All classical notions of still life have expanded - from earlier two dimensional paintings into performances, reliefs and installations. A new perspective is essential in a transforming universe.



Contemporary art is all about romanticism, many times symbolism and all time trending artworks that are just gorgeous and act as a visual candy for young and seasoned collectors. They can be intimidating and difficult to navigate through, which is why we did most of the work for you.



Want to see what happens when you combine tradition with innovation? Our playful collages will have you questioning what’s real, and what isn’t.



Prints have evolved alongside us, becoming a diversified practice in Art. Zaaman makes sure you get the complete deal: traditional techniques, digital prints  and experiments happening in the contemporary era.



Welcome to the beautiful world of abstraction. The abstract art in our Collections draws on shape and form, color and line, to create visuals that intertwine romance with beautiful unpredictability.



Bursts of colors and depicting peculiar subjects, high quality digital prints are a relatively new medium that is trending in pop media. Ink-get or laser on canvas or archival paper, these modes of expression are the perfect and affordable statement pieces for compact spaces in an urbanized world.