Desert in Dark

Visual Artist

Bhasha's Practice

Bhasha’s (b. 1991) practice is centered on metaphors and processes of mending. By pulling a thread from this literal form of domestic repair, to suture frays in the public domain, her works rethink wounds, darns, and scars as liminal spaces that can transpose us into futures without erasing the past. As an artist based in New Delhi, Hawaii, and the continental United States, Bhasha’s work is grounded in local materials and symbols, while speaking to global issues around race, gender, and power. By working across genres, she is generating dialogues between subaltern tropes and feminine forms of labour from the global South, and the agendas of resistance movements of minorities and marginalized communities in the North. Bhasha is currently pursuing her MFA in Painting and Printmaking at the Yale School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut.

Ecstasy in dirt



Soil from Honolulu, New Delhi, New York, & New Haven and gum arabic on aluminum panel


18 x 14 inches