12:00 a.m.




October 17 - November 20 2020

Statement by Curators

Seyhr Qayum & Shireen Rasul

We are obsessed with time. We are obsessed with time in a way that we have - collectively - never been before. One of the many byproducts of living through numerous social, economic and political crises, is that we are being forced to confront our relationship with time and space. 


2020 is the year of the "in-between;" it is the year that makes us appreciate just how transient our perception of reality really is, just how tenuous our grasp on truth really is. We are in-between belief systems, we as a civilization stand on the threshold of change, impatient to reorient ourselves, eager for tomorrow, eager for 12 a.m.


12 a.m. marks the beginning of a new day, a new world order, a new reality that finds itself irrevocably intertwined with the past, and yet, wildly unpredictable. 

As a new gallery that challenges our existing notions of how, where and when we experience art, Zaaman Art's inaugural show speaks not only to our new beginning as a gallery, but also to our now insatiable need for change. As our collective consciousness continues to evolve, we have brought together 12 contemporary artists from Pakistan, creating two-dimensional work with surrealist undertones, addressing the new, the in-between, and no longer what is, but what could be. 12 a.m. inspires feelings of harmony and mutual transformation, in response to both internal as well as external stimuli, through a collection of stylistically diverse and yet, intellectually as well as visually cohesive work. Working across media, creating enigmatic abstract visuals as well as working representationally, our artists - each from their own unique perspective - challenge us to reevaluate what it is that we truly believe we know, inviting us to relinquish ourselves to the power of what may be.

Participating Artists